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Welcome to our Board Meeting FAQs Page

The involvement of residents of our school district in the decision making process is a vital part of public education.

When are the meetings held?
The Board generally meets at 6:30p.m. every third Monday of the month. You may request a
current schedule from the district office.

Where are announcements posted?
The school district posts regular meeting announcements and agendas
on Skyward, at the district office, at the Orofino Post Office and in both local papers and the local radio station. 

How can I participate?
You can speak at a board meeting during the Public Input section only if you follow district policy.  Policy 4105 explains the process and Policy 4105F is the form which you can fill out to request to speak.  During the Pandemic it is acceptable to email the Superintendent to request to speak.  

What can I address?
You may speak about the issue(s) you identified when you requested to be
placed on the agenda.

How can I register a concern about school district staff?
School district policy 303.5 - Concerns Involving School Personnel -
outlines the process for registering a concern about an employee of the
school district. The Board will only review a concern if the proper
steps have been followed, as per policy 303.5. A copy of policy 303.5
can be obtained from the school district office.

What is an Executive Session?
The Idaho Open Meeting Law requires that no decision at a meeting of a
governing body of a public agency be made by secret ballot. Idaho Code
67-2345 allows the Board to convene into an executive session on a 2/3
majority vote of the Board. The Board is allowed to discuss personnel
matters, student matters, strategies for litigation, collective
bargaining negotiations and/or school site/real estate acquisition or
disposal. No decisions can be made in executive session. The Board
must re-convene into open session to make any decision and the minutes
of that Board meeting will record any and all decisions for public display.


Who are the Board Members?
The school district consists of five trustee zones. 

What does the Board Chairperson do?
The chairperson presides at all Board meetings and conducts the meetings
according to parliamentary rules. In addition, the chairperson signs all
papers and documents, as required by law and as authorized by the action
of the Board. The chairperson has the full right to participate in debate,
without relinquishing the chair, and has the right to vote on all matters
that are put to a vote. In the unlikely event there should be an interruption
of Board work by a person in attendance who is shouting, being unruly, etc.,
the Board chairperson has the authority to do any or all of the following:

*Order anyone causing a disturbance to leave the Board room.
*Order a brief recess until order is restored.
*Adjourn and reconvene at a time and place selected by a majority vote.
What does the superintendent do at the meeting?
The superintendent serves as the Board's chief executive officer in
administering Board policies, as well as keeping the Board informed of the
goals, needs and performance of the schools. The superintendent is available
to the Board as a professional resource and works with the Board chairperson to prepare the agenda. The recommendations generally
precede any
Board action on issues facing the Board.


What staff usually attends the Board meetings?
In addition to the Board members, the following staff members will
normally attend. Dr. Michael Garrett, Superintendent of Schools; the Board Clerk


If you have any other questions, please go to the contact page and feel free to ask!

1051 Michigan Ave | Orofino, Idaho 83544 | Phone: 208-476-5593